Polonious support is fast and comprehensive, please contact the relevant support centre to obtain the best localised support for your Polonious Case Management System.

Support - Worldwide (except for the US, Canada and the Americas)

Polonious Worldwide provides support via several different channels.

1. Register a bug or enhancement request

Polonious provide an easy to use form which will enable you to record all details and upload information that may assist us in answering more quickly. We find that support requests via this channel provide answers more quickly and help track progress on open issues. We recommend you use this as your primary support method.

  1. Sign-in to our Polonious Issue Tracking System (PITS –> with you account details. If you do not have an account, please check which person in your company has a login for PITS and ask them to submit an issue on behalf of you. If nobody in your company has an account yet or if you need a second person to be able to create new tickets, please provide your details (firstname, lastname, email) and we will create an account for you.
  2. Once signed-in to PITS, in the main menu click “Quick issue create” and provide a short description describing the issue and a detailed explanation of the issue/request. Also, please upload screenshots and other relevant documents if possible. E.g. in case you are reporting a bug please provide a screenshot of the error/problem you are reporting. This will help us to faster analyse and respond to the problem.
  1. Once all details are complete, please click on “Submit” to create an issue in our system. One of our support team staff will be allocated and notified immediately and will be in contact shortly to provide an update regarding the issue.

Please notice that we use Polonious ourselves to track issues the same way you use it to run your units (in the software business this is called ‘eating your own dog food’). It helps us spot issues quicker and resolve them as we use the system ourselves.

2. Email Support

All customers can email our support services via:

We use reliable email servers but emails can get lost so we recommend you try the form first.

3. Phone Support

We can also help you via phone, call our number for a quick call back service and we’ll respond.   +61 2 8916 6445


Support - USA, Canada and the Americas

Support – USA, Canada and the Americas

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